10 Important Things To Do to Start Living in Japan


Back to couple of months ago when i came to Japan for the first time. I think the first 3 months was the hardest period to start living in Japan. I was lucky since my wife came to Japan first and my daughter and i came 1 month after so at least couple of things are already been prepared before we came. Besides, my wife also speaks Japanese so we didn't have any communication problems with Japanese people here.

Singing With the Christmas Choir at the Osaka International Church

The Christmas 2009 is over but the memory of the Christmas will be lasting. And one of the most beautiful moment of the Christmas for this year is when we sang with the Christmas Choir at the OIC Christmas Eve Celebration. I never thought we could sing in a choir like this again after we moved from Indonesia. But God heard our pray and gave us a chance to serve Him again through a choir.

I remember what we had done last year with our church in Bogor. As the coordinator of the Music and Choir ministry in our church, i was responsible to make a permanent choir as part of the church ministry. By the grace of God, we finally managed to form a choir with a very limited resources at that time. As the name of the church we named it "Rahmani Choir" with me as the coach and my wife as the coordinator of the choir, what a family.

Hunting the Momiji at Arashiyama

This is my first post after couple of weeks and this time i'll write about Momiji. I remember few weeks ago when i posted a status update on my Facebook about Momiji, then one of my Indonesian friend asked me what Momiji is? Then when i posted some pictures about Momiji on my Facebook, my sister asked me what kind of tree that is, looks like Maple in FarmVille. Yeah, that's right. So i guess Momiji is not so popular like what i thought before.

I'm not going to talk about the Momiji it self anyway as you can find it easily in Wikipedia. But basically, what i understand from what people said, Momiji or Iromomiji is the condition where the color of Maple trees becomes red which is happened during the Fall in Japan. The name of these Maple trees is Acer palmatum, called Japanese Maple or Smooth Japanese Maple and this species is native to Japan, Korea and China.

Blog Migration and Couple of Updates

And finally i decided to stop my "Internet Marketing blog" activities and switch the blog to become the journal of my personal living experience in Japan. I used to write about these things on another domain. But now i have migrated all the contents to this domain and from now on will use this blog.

Just couple of updates during the last few weeks about me and my family. Firstly, we have moved to the new apartment. It's a smaller apartment but personally it's much more comfortable compared to the one that we lived before. It cost us ¥47,000 per month. Secondly, now it's Winter in Japan and the weather is getting cold everyday. But according to one of our friend here, Osaka is rarely snowing and the temperature is not so extreme as well. At least it's good for us with a toddler.

Enjoying Breakfast at Mister Donut


Lately we have a new special routine. Me, my wife and daughter spends every Saturday morning having breakfast at one of our favorite restaurant, Mister Donut. And last Saturday willl be our last breakfast at the Mister Donut Minoh since we'll move to the new appartment this weekend. But hopefully we'll find another Mister Donuts on our new place later.

Finding Apartment in Japan

I came to Japan around two months after my wife. She stayed at the campus dormitory when the first time she arrived here. But since the room in there is not enough for three of us then we decided to find an apartment outside the dormitory. After couple of weeks then she finally found it. It's an apartment with 2 living rooms, 1 dining room and 1 kitchen. In Japan they call it 2 LDK where LDK stands for Living Dining Kitchen. It cost ¥65,000 per month just for the rent.

Basically apartment in Japan can be categorized into three type, 1LDK which monthly rent around ¥40,000 - ¥80,000, 2LDK costs around ¥60,000 - ¥100,000 and 3LDK costs around above ¥100,000. Most of apartments are non-furnished so you have to prepare it your self. However some of them are also fully-furnished but of course more expensive. But considering the price of household furnishings which are so expensive here this might be a good option. Another thing that's affected to the rent price is the type of the building and the location. Apartment with a fully concrete building is more expensive and the nearer the location to the station the more expensive they are.

Kids Store in Osaka: Toysrus Yamada

If you come to Japan with your family including your kids and want to stay for a long period of time, you may consider to bring some toys for your kids to play with. In my case, my two year old daughter can't speak Japanese so she would have problems to socialize with friends of her age for the first time. So what i can do is to let her enjoy her time with some toys at home.

The problem is everything is expensive here so you may think twice to buy anything which is not urgent especially if you have a limited budget. That's why you need to find a Kids Store for a reasonable price. One of them here in Osaka and close to where i live is the Toysrus Yamada. It's located on the 4th floor of the DEW Yamada, next to Yamada Hankyu Station. I would say it's big enough for a Kids Store, one of the biggest i have seen here in Osaka. Toysrus provides various kind of Kid Stuffs including Diapers, Milk, Snacks, Games, and of course the main part is the toys.

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